The LifeForce Optimizer


Enhancing your Vitality, Mental  Focus and Inner Well-Being

Effective EMF Protection and LifeForce Rejuvenation

When was the last time you felt completely relaxed, immersed in a profound sense of well-being?

There's nothing like feeling totally relaxed and yet vitally alive throughout your entire being. Life can be such a joy when your mind is clear and you're feeling calm, peaceful and hopeful.

And yet, during these times of enormous change and uncertainty in the world, it is often difficult to achieve this state of being--at least without alcohol, drugs, spa services, hard exercise or long hours of yoga. There seems to be so much going on so quickly and not enough time to do everything you need to do.

Add to this all the dangers now present in the world threatening your health from multiple contaminants in your food, water and air. It's nearly impossible to avoid preservatives, GMOs, fluoride, pesticides, or heavy metals--no matter how careful you are.

But, it is even more difficult to escape dangerous electromagnetic fields (EMFs) emitting from your cell phone, computer and all other electronic devices you own, as well as from the cell towers that surround you. (Learn more about EMF dangers.)

It’s likely you have simply accepted that stress on every level has become a given in your life. But what if it’s not necessary?

The LifeForce Optimizer

What if there’s a special device you simply attach to your cell phone, computer or other electronic device that not only protects you from dangerous EMFs, but also creates a field of energy around and within you that is both profoundly relaxing and energizing at the same time?

Benefits of the LifeForce Optimizer

The LifeForce Optimizer gives you this. Attach it to any electronic device you carry with you or use in your home and you can experience these benefits:

     * EMF Protection

     * Lifeforce Rejuvenation

      * Deep Relaxation

      * Mood shift into a deeper sense of well-being

      * Enhanced Strength, Energy and Endurance

     * Pain Relief 

      * Greater Mental Clarity and Focus

     * Boosted Immune System

      * Improved Sexual Energy Vitality

"I tried it and it works!!! I could feel it almost immediately. I used to often sing when on my bicycle, but had not done that for years. Yesterday when  I biked home, I suddenly noticed I had been singing the whole way! Also the other promises you make I experienced. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!

Written in gratitude, with the life force optimizer on my phone :-))"                               -- Carine, Netherlands

How Does the LifeForce Optimizer Work?

The LifeForce Optimizer has been created after seven years of intensive research, experimentation, and development. Using a unique, complex and revolutionary technology based on modern technological advances, on principles of ancient wisdom and on innovative original designs, it offers you something you cannot find in any other protective device on the market today.

As soon as you attach it to an electronic device near you, the LifeForce Optimizer begins attuning your body to the new higher frequencies—grounding you, centering you, and uplifting you simultaneously.

It helps you by cleansing, transforming and then strengthening the lifeforce energy within your physical body and the bio-energy field around your body, helping the energies to flow in a more harmonious, healthy, and vitalized way.

It removes energetic blocks within your chakras and meridians, ensuring a continuously healthy, strong and rejuvenating energy flow.

It also helps you by detoxifying and then restructuring the negative energies around you so they are no longer harmful to your health.

Then it begins harmonizing and enhancing all positive, healthy, uplifting energies that are around you, creating a more coherent, unified energy field, thus raising your vibration to an even higher frequency.

The Lifeforce Optimizer changes the structure of negative EMFs, transforming them from a chaotic energy pattern into a harmonious one. New healing energy frequencies are imprinted and infused into this new energy pattern, thereby creating a unique healing energy field around you and your electronic device.

Your vibration is raised high enough and is made strong enough so that you are no longer so strongly negatively affected by the lower vibrational frequencies in the environment.

The feeling may be subtle at first, but then you begin realizing that your body is beginning to relax. Your mind is clearer, more focused, and mind chatter is disappearing. Any emotional stress you were feeling seems to evaporate. And then, at the same time, you feel emotionally uplifted, with a sense of vital energy flowing through you.

It feels magical—but it’s undeniable. You feel better all over. There’s a whole new field of uplifting, harmonious energy you are operating in.

"I’m amazed at how well this device works. Someone gave it to me as a gift and I accepted it with grace—but I really didn’t think I would ever feel any different having it on my phone. And yet, about five minutes after I’d attached it, I began feeling a swell of uplifting energy inside of me. I felt lighter, like a sense of joy was pouring through my body and mind. I have no idea how this works, but it does! It’s a definite mood-enhancer. I call it my 'happy phone'! "– Vivian J., CA

Get Your LifeForce Optimizer

The LifeForce Optimizer is a highly complex device that is designed to last—and you can detach it at any point to reattach to another electronic device. Easy 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee.

Protect yourself today and begin to see how you can live your life in a whole new energy field!

"I’m in sales, so I spend a lot of time on my phone and I tend to get headaches. I attached one of these Optimizers on my phone to help me stay more alert and present with customers—and, much to my surprise, my headaches disappeared. I also feel both more relaxed and focused at the same time." –Jon Davies, NY