20 Years Ago I First Learned About the Dangers of EMFs, but Didn't Want to Limit My Access to the Wonderful Convenience of Wireless


by Dr. Joseph Mercola           https://www.mercola.com/

“Ten years ago, my declining health improved overnight after one simple change to my electrical exposures. If I had known about the health effects of wireless and electrical exposures fifteen years ago, it would have saved over a decade of deep personal pain and suffering. Please read ‘EMF*D’ and share what you have learned to protect yourself and the ones you love.”

∼ Peter Sullivan, founder of Clear Light Ventures

I have embraced technology for over 50 years since I took my first computer programming course. So, when I first started hearing about the adverse effects of wireless, the last thing I wanted to do was limit my access. A part of me just wasn’t fully convinced.

The U.S. government first published documents acknowledging the harmful effects of EMFs nearly 50 years ago, from both the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) and the Naval Medical Research Institute.

Since then, the science documenting the health effects of EMFs has only grown. A recent update of the BioInitiative Report, a collective report from 29 authors from 10 countries, including 10 M.D.'s and 21 Ph. D.'s, contains 1,800 new studies within its 650 pages. Online you'll find an impressive list of 30,000 studies with more than 6,300 summaries.

To date, there are more than 30,000 published studies about the dangers of EMFs.

To save you the work of combing through tens of thousands of pages of research, I’ve included a list of summaries of some of the best literature in my book “EMF*D.”

So, what was it that caused me to not only change my thinking and habits, but also write a book?

Once I understood how EMFs were impacting my body's function, I realized I had to take action.

And I knew I had to help prepare as many people as I could for the oncoming, exponential unleashing of EMFs from not only 5G but also the countless new wireless devices coming onto the market.

You need strategies to protect your body from the threat of wireless technologies and dirty electricity from the inside out, as well as ways to reduce exposure and the damage it may cause.