Dangers of Electromagnetic Radiation

We all live in a world today filled with man-made electromagnetic radiation--we can't escape it. We're impacted daily by cell phone, cell tower and smart meter radiation, and WiFi from all our wireless devices. In addition, there are low frequency electromagnetic fields (EMFs) that constantly envelop us coming from our home electricity and all our appliances.

Are EMFs Safe?

Most people have no idea that all this electromagnetic radiation is actually not safe for us. Younger generations have literally grown up in our EMF-saturated environment and can't remember a time when it wasn't present. The radiation is invisible and it's everywhere--so the assumption is that it must be okay for us.

There are studies out there that tell us that cell phone and WiFi are safe--or at least they claim there is no evidence that they are unsafe. However, if you locate the funding source for most of these studies, you'll find that the corporations that funded them were the very companies who produce cell phones and wireless devices.

And there is now an overwhelming abundance of independent , peer-reviewed studies from all over the world that have conclusively linked EMF exposure with a wide variety of adverse health effects and serious diseases.

Common Symptoms of EMF Exposure

Scientific studies have shown that exposure to EMFs greatly stresses the immune system, gradually wearing it down over time. They have also demonstrated that EMF exposure causes cellular malfunctioning, breaks DNA strands, and creates stress hormones.

Symptoms people experience with EMF exposure vary, depending on each body's genetic vulnerabilities. But some of the more common symptoms include:

  • Headaches
  • Fatigue
  • Digestive Disorders
  • Chronic Colds & Flus
  • Sleep Disturbances
  • Depression/Anxiety
  • Memory Loss / Brainfog
  • Dizziness

According to certain research studies, these symptoms may eventually develop into more serious disorders and diseases, such as Alzheimer's or high blood pressure--as well as a number of other immune-deficiency diseases such as Lyme disease or fibromyalgia.

Electromagnetic Sensitivity

There is a growing group of individuals who have a condition known as "electromagnetic sensitivity" or "electrosensitivity". People with this condition have great difficulty in being around any type of wireless or electronic device at all.

Some of these hyper-sensitive people can't use cell phones or wireless devices without immediately feeling a headache or other body disturbance, and they often feel dizzy when they're in a field of WiFi. Some are even noticeably sensitive to the electrical wiring in their homes. They have had to dramatically alter their lifestyles to avoid electricity.

Children are Even More Vulnerable

Because their nervous systems and immune systems are still developing, children are especially vulnerable to the effects of EMF exposure. Studies on children and cell phone radiation are especially alarming. Many experts and scientists and doctors are now issuing warnings in particular about the WiFi radiation exposure children are currently experiencing in schools. More and more children are reporting chronic headaches, digestive disorders and sleep disturbances that have been linked to EMFs. Scientists are also connecting ADHD, asthma and autism with exposure to electromagnetic radiation.

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