EMFs damage cells by increasing calcium levels inside your cells, which leads to increased cellular oxidative stress.

By Dr. Joseph Mercola              https://www.mercola.com/

Recent studies confirm EMF exposure leads to increased calcium inside your cells that catalyzes a cascade of events that trigger increased oxidative stress in your body.

On a molecular level, the excess calcium released inside your cells causes an enormous increase in both nitric oxide and superoxide, which spontaneously combine to form one of the most damaging molecules in your body — peroxynitrite.

Once formed, peroxynitrite attacks key molecules that damage your cells, including your DNA, and can cause disease, especially cancer, and leads to premature death by decreasing one of the most important molecules in your body, NAD+.

By the way — humans aren't the only species with channels that allow calcium to flow in and out of cells – and, hence, aren't the only ones affected by EMF exposure. Your pets have calcium channels. And so do your houseplants and the food crops in your garden and in every field around the world.

In fact, EMFs affect everything with DNA, including insects and even microbes.