How to Protect Yourself and Your Family From Indoor and Outdoor EMFs

Laptops emit high levels of EMFs, but there are things you can do to make them safer for everyday use.

by Dr. Joseph Mercola  

"Dr. Joseph Mercola has written the definitive book on electromagnetic fields, with a particular emphasis on how they affect our health. This is an invaluable resource with many practical solutions, especially for those who are EMF-sensitive.

For those who don't yet know about EMFs or who refuse to take them seriously, it will be harder to ignore them after reading this book. Everyone needs to know about the dangers of EMFs. This comprehensive manual will help accomplish that."

∼ Oram Miller, certified building biology environmental consultant and electromagnetic radiation specialist

While repairing the bodily damage from EMFs is a big part of my book, “EMF*D,” so is reducing your exposure. With 5G technology barreling toward us, protecting yourself before the damage can occur may be more important than ever.

There are many practical ways to limit your EMF exposure and give your body a chance to recover and repair from the exposure you’ve already experienced.

Giving your body a break so it can recover is one of the most important strategies you’ll learn.

All the strategies I outline in “EMF*D” are designed to benefit everyone. If you’re currently challenged with a serious illness, you’ll want to reduce your electromagnetic exposure as quickly as possible to recover.

In EMF*D, you’re going to learn about:

  • The Four Golden Rules for reducing your EMF exposure
  • How to turn your bedroom into an EMF sanctuary so your body can repair and regenerate while you sleep
  • How to make invisible EMFs visible so you can locate and measure them accurately
  • The two most important aspects of reducing EMF exposure in your home (get this step wrong and you may actually increase EMF levels instead)
  • What to do before buying or renting any home
  • The affordable approach to eradicating your home’s worse magnetic fields
  • How to measure dirty electricity in your home and choose light bulbs that avoid producing it
  • The simplest way to lower the dirty electricity in your home from appliances, lighting and even your neighbor’s wiring
  • The worst heating system you can have in your home (if it’s in your home now you may want to consider moving as it can strongly suppress your immune system and vitality)
  • How to safely filter the dirty electricity frequencies from solar panels
  • The only “smart” TV brand that allows you to disable the Wi-Fi (all the others will be blasting you with Wi-Fi even if it’s turned off)
  • How to locate a trained EMF professional to help you locate common wiring errors that can result in very high magnetic fields inside your home
  • How to measure all four types of EMFs in your home, office or school
  • The best meters on the market for measuring EMFs, and the most economical way to get the right one(s) for your needs (note: there is no one “best” meter that detects all types of EMFs)
  • Why most of today’s laptops aren’t readily suited for Ethernet and the extra steps you must take to lower your exposure while using them, including high-EMF Mac laptops
  • How to choose the right type of Ethernet cable to avoid swapping one type of EMFs for another
  • The four settings on your cell phone that can help protect you from the potent RF frequencies while you’re not using your phone or sleeping
  • When to avoid using your cell phone (when you see this happening your phone may be emitting up to 10,000 times more EMF radiation)
  • The false reassurance of anti-EMF “harmonizers” and why they do little or nothing to protect your body’s calcium channels – EMFs’ real threat
  • The trick I use at home while working to avoid radio-frequency EMFs
  • How to choose a home security system that won’t overwhelm you with high levels of EMFs (be sure to avoid this type that transmits signals as often as every 30 seconds)
  • The best type of bed and mattress to sleep on to avoid unwanted electric fields
  • The remedial steps you may need to take to finally get rid of heart palpitations, insomnia, tinnitus and night sweats

If you choose to disable your home’s Wi-Fi (which I recommend doing), you need to know you’re likely to confront certain challenges (I detail these in EMF*D). Most cable and telephone company modems and routers are Wi-Fi enabled by default and turning the Wi-Fi off isn’t always easy to do.

You may need to contact your cable or telephone company to walk you through the process to disable your Wi-Fi. And because your cable company may automatically update your modem’s software and turn your Wi-Fi back on without you knowing it, you’ll need the information in chapter 7 in EMF*D to assure it is actually disabled.