Two Things You Must Do for Your Body to Help Ward Off Cancer, Chronic Disease and Accelerated Aging



Dr. Joseph Mercola    

To give your body its best fighting chance against chronic disease, cancer and premature aging, you must:

  1. 1Keep your NAD+ levels high to fuel PARP for DNA repair in your cells.
  2. 2Prime your body's ability to use its antioxidants to fight inflammation.

In EMF*D, you’ll learn exactly how to do both of these to slow down the aging process and radically reduce your risk of chronic degenerative disease and frailty. You’ll discover how to:

  • Help safeguard your mitochondria’s energy-production process.
  • Supercharge your body’s natural antioxidants like glutathione and vitamin C, and keep them in active, tip-top shape.
  • Increase your NADPH (the ultimate antioxidant booster and your cell’s battery) levels, instead of swallowing a handful of synthetic antioxidant supplements every day.
  • Radically increase your NAD+ levels using a variety of different strategies, including tweaking your eating habits and using NAD+ precursors (especially this commonly available vitamin).
  • Increase NAD+ with my favorite strategy that also prevents and treats sarcopenia, or age related muscle loss, and osteoporosis.
  • Optimally time your eating to preserve your NADPH levels so your body’s antioxidants can recharge while you sleep.
  • Use molecular hydrogen (H2) to increase your NADPH levels and protect your DNA and RNA, and mitochondria from damage.
  • Activate your Nrf2 pathways to enhance not only your longevity, but help with the removal of old cells that create silent inflammation in your body (this is especially important for anyone over 65).
  • Block excessive calcium channel activation (to help avoid DNA damage and cell death) using a simple, common mineral.

Even better than repairing the damage from EMFs is minimizing your exposure as much as you possibly can.