Why Children Are Especially at Risk of Damage from EMFs

Dr. Joseph Mercola         https://www.mercola.com/

As dangerous as EMFs are to adults, animals, plants, bees and microbes, they pose an exceptional risk for children for several reasons:

Pregnant moms with higher EMF exposure were 2.72 times more likely to miscarry.
  • Children will be exposed to EMFs for a much longer time than adults.
  • Children under 12 years of age have higher body water content than adults, which allows them to absorb considerably more radiation.
  • A child’s bone marrow absorbs 10 times more wireless radiation than an adult’s.
  • Because a child’s skull is thinner, more cell phone radiation can penetrate deeply into the brain.
  • Children’s still-developing brains (until their teens) are more susceptible to radiation absorption.
  • A child’s developing nervous system is potentially more susceptible to a damaging agent.

Many soon-to-be parents don't realize that exposure to cell phone radiation begins in utero. But it's not just cell phone radiation…

Researchers have found that pregnant women with higher magnetic field exposure from all sources (as measured by meters they carried for 24 hours) had a 2.72 times higher risk of miscarriage.

Plus, their babies were more likely to have asthma, suffer from thyroid problems and become obese during their first 13 years of life.

Studies also suggest that the rising rates of attention deficit disorder (ADD) and ADHD in children, as well as autism, may be at least partly due to increased EMF exposure.

The children of the mothers with the higher magnetic field exposure during pregnancy had 2.9 times the risk of developing a neurodevelopmental disorder such as ADHD. Researchers speculate that this may be due to damaged DNA.

Further, because EMFs are known to damage stem cells, in children, that can impair brain development in a way that likely contributes to autism.