Why EMFs Are the Cigarettes of the 21st Century

cigarettes                                         by: Dr. Joseph Mercola       https://www.mercola.com/

You may be wondering: If EMFs are so bad, why isn’t anybody doing something to stop them – and the explosive number of devices using the potentially harmful technology?

Ironically, the answer can be found in the history of cigarettes and the tobacco industry.

It’s easy to forget that the tobacco industry adopted a policy of silence and denial of the overwhelming science showing how harmful cigarettes were to health — and held firm to this tactic for decades.

Largely due to highly effective public relations strategies, it took 50 years for the government to finally require strict regulations and warnings on cigarettes.

It's not much different with today's wireless industry. They're following the tobacco industry's playbook and using the same public relations strategies that worked brilliantly back in the 1950s, except this time they've captured the federal regulatory agencies responsible for protecting you.

Key industry players have even hired the same PR firm to recreate the strategies of:

  • Paying handpicked industry-friendly researchers to perform biased studies to dispute scientific findings
  • Spending millions to sway legislators through lobbying efforts
  • Creating conflicts of interest by financing their own studies
  • Funding studies of questionable design (i.e., using simulated EMF exposure instead of real cell phones)
  • Broadcasting the message that the science is inconclusive (by mixing in the faux results of industry-sponsored studies to muddy the scientific waters)
  • Smearing scientists who find problems with cell phones and 5G technologies to sow seeds of doubt in the public’s mind

At the same time 5G appears to be closing in on us like a runaway freight train, there is some light at the end of the tunnel — as dim as it may be.

Around the world, select cities are raising red flags and trying to slow down the rollout of 5G. Even some American cities and states are fighting back.

I’m not suggesting we go back to pre-Wi-Fi days. We do need more reliable and faster service for all Americans. But it doesn’t need to be a technology that hundreds of independent studies have shown is harmful to the health of all living beings. There are safer and even faster alternatives.

While there is a safe and effective alternative to 5G (I describe it in “EMF*D”), all indications show the wireless industry won’t embrace it. The industry has deep pockets and the new technology is just too profitable to walk away from — even if it devastates human, animal, plant and bacterial life.