1. Where would I attach the Optimizer if my phone is in a case?

Many cases have enough space in them to fit a phone that has an Optimizer attached to it. You'd attach it to the back of the phone, over the battery compartment. If your case isn't that flexible or if it doesn't have enough space between it and the phone, then you can attach the Optimizer to the outside back of the case toward the middle.


2. Is it possible to remove the Optimizer from one device and attach it to another?

Yes, it can be removed and then reattached onto another device.  It's best to remove it carefully to make sure not to bend it too much while removing it. But it's an easy thing to do.


3. Do you ship internationally?

We currently have international shipping set up to a few countries outside of the U.S. Let us know where you are, and we can see if arrangements can be made. We use USPS Priority International Flat Rate Shipping for the most economical way to ship in which we can get a tracking number for you.


4. Can an Optimizer be used on a flip phone?

Yes, it is possible to use the Optimizer on your flip phone, if it is large enough. The measurements of the optimizer are 1-5/8" x 1-5/8" x 1/16". Ideally, it would be placed on the back of your phone over the battery case.


5. Where would I attach the Optimizer on my laptop?

The ideal place is on the bottom of the computer, right over the battery case. However, any place on the computer also works well.