Optimal Health in an EMF Environment

Optimal health, vitality and well-being are qualities we all want. Ideally, you take care of your body by eating healthy foods, exercising and getting enough sleep.

But you may still feel tired, stressed, anxious and never seeming to have enough energy. This is because there is something else you need to be aware of in developing and maintaining optimal health—something you may or may not know about—electromagnetic field (EMF) energy.


The Earth’s Natural Electromagnetic Field

The electromagnetic field that your body is in can be beneficial to your health—if you are out in nature, far from all electronic devices and cell towers. The earth actually emits a very healing EMF energy force. That’s why “grounding” or “earthing” – walking barefoot on the earth—has been proven to be so healing. The body is reconnecting with the earth’s beneficial electromagnetic field.


Artificial EMFs

However, in most of today’s world, the EMF energy can be extremely harmful to your health. Everything that is powered by batteries, plugged into electricity or connected to WiFi creates a chaotic and dangerous EMF field that disrupts the normal healthy flow of energy within the human body.

Electricity and electronic devices, such as cell phones and computers, interrupt your connection to the earth, damage your body—especially your immune system—and can make you feel tired, stressed, anxious, headachey, and mind-fogged.

So…what to do?

The LifeForce Optimizer

You need something that will reconnect you with the natural healing energies of the earth. You need to be surrounded by and infused with these energies, especially when in an environment that is super-saturated with negative EMF energy.   

You need a product that transforms the energy within and around you, by generating and maintaining a truly optimal life-force enhancing, harmonious field.

After over seven years of research, experimentation, and development, a powerful new product has been created. Called the LifeForce Optimizer, it can be attached to your cell phone, computer, laptop, tablet, cordless phone, smart meter, gaming device, and any other electronic device you have.

With the LifeForce Optimizer, your body is reconnected to the healing energies of the earth. With these revitalizing energies flowing through it, your body is better able to heal itself. Your immune system is designed by nature to do just that – to heal your body and defend it against illness.

But when it is resonating with all of the harmful EMF frequencies instead of with the earth, your immune system is not able to function correctly. The technology in the LifeForce Optimizer raises your body’s energetic vibrations to a much higher level, so that it is no longer negatively affected by the harmful EMFs.

By itself, the LifeForce Optimizer creates a beneficial life force enhancing field that helps the energies in and around your body to flow in a healthful, harmonious way. But, when you attach it to an electronic device, this healing field is powerfully amplified to be even more effective.

Protect yourself today. And in the process, feel the added benefits of reduced stress, deep relaxation, sense of well-being, and greater mental clarity and focus.

“I’m in my mid-forties, trying to get back into shape after too many years of sitting all day at my job.  My body was so out of shape that, initially, just trying to jog in place in my living room for five minutes was difficult. After a couple of months of improving my jogging time gradually, I’d worked up to being able to jog for about 30 minutes.

“Then one day I was jogging without looking at the time. Eventually I stopped because I had to go to work—not because I was tired or in pain. I was shocked when I looked at the clock and saw that I had been jogging for 77 minutes! At first I couldn’t figure out how that was possible. Then I realized the only thing different that could account for this drastic improvement was the new LifeForce Optimizer I’d just put on my phone. It was three feet away from me when I was jogging. Thank you, thank you, thank you! This is such a great product.” –Ella Alexander, WA